Mission & Philosophy


The Sandbox Tucson Mission

Early Childhood School and Learning Center – The Sandbox, Tucson, ArizonaIT IS THE GOAL of The Sandbox Early Childhood School and Learning Center, as an active member of the Tucson community, to be an advocate for all children and to improve the quality of each child’s experience during his or her early years. The Sandbox, keeping in mind the importance of quality education and developmentally appropriate practices, intends to provide an environment, staff and curriculum reflecting these goals. We offer infant to Pre-K programs that aim for this goal.

IT IS THE GOAL of The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center to provide well-planned activities and a stimulating environment throughout each day, at all times. The Sandbox will provide an atmosphere that allows parents to feel comfortable, whether leaving their toddlers in our care for a few hours or for an entire day. This environment provides children the opportunity to play and socialize, allowing their natural abilities to develop and prepare for kindergarten. Children will be encouraged to make friends, help one another, work together, communicate, use their imagination and enjoy their world through our daycare centers. Encouraging children to work together will enhance their ability to move comfortably toward the challenges of the larger community and school.

IT IS THE GOAL of The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center to provide a safe and healthy environment where children learn through hands-on experiences and age appropriate activities. Experts agree that children learn through play as well as instruction. Children should have fond memories of their childhood; The Sandbox school will provide opportunities for discovery and wonder that which will enhance these memories. The Sandbox staff members feel a sense of joy and accomplishment in working with young children, which helps and enhances these memories.

IT IS THE OBLIGATION of all adults to do what is right for children. The Sandbox has made a commitment to parents and children alike to honor this obligation.

The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center is committed to helping make the early education system better. Through openness, flexibility and continually evaluating and improving our program, we truly believe that we can make a difference in the lives of children. Change takes time and the willingness of The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center to make the changes necessary to improve early childhood education will, in the long run, improve the lives of our children.


The Sandbox Tucson Philosophy

The philosophy of The Sandbox concerning early childhood education has developed gradually, affected by knowledge and tempered by experience. We hope that our philosophy is reflected in the quality parents find in the program. Our concern is with the whole child—the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical child.

WE BELIEVE that children are born with a need to belong—first to a family, then to a school, a community, and the world. Belonging is sharing emotions, being accepted and comforted. It includes being part of a cultural tradition and accepting the cultural traditions of others. It is sharing a part of ourselves and our families, our homes, and our cultures. The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center wishes to create such preschools for children.

WE BELIEVE that children learn through play and hands-on experiences. We believe that children should “get messy” in their play. We believe that children, when provided with a variety of age-appropriate choices within an enriched environment, will learn through discovery, invention, and experimentation. We believe that children learn through play within a well-planned and enriched environment. They do not need to always produce a specific product or a right/wrong answer; we focus on learning and enriching a child’s life. We believe that pretend play enlarges a child’s view of the world, reflecting a child’s inner, creative self, and increases social and emotional and cognitive skills. Our environment helps children learn to make choices and to assert themselves appropriately within relationships. They are encouraged to celebrate differences, voice their opinion, and respect the opinion of others. We want our children to discover for themselves those activities and peers they most enjoy, encouraging socialization but not demanding it. We help and encourage children to resolve conflicts, stepping in only when necessary.

The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center environment emphasizes self-regulation, trust, and respect for fellow classmates and staff. Each child is given the opportunity to develop his or her own potential at his or her own pace.

Celebrating Cultural Differences

The Sandbox Tucson Celebrates Differences

A day at The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center is comparable to a trip around the world, as we celebrate the cultures of parents and children who come to us from other countries. The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center is rich in the opportunities to learn about other people, other languages and other traditions. Through the years we have gotten to know and love children from Africa, Asia, Europe, South and Central America, Australia, the Middle East, Brazil, Vietnam, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Canada, China, and many other parts of the world. In the early years of childhood, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to play, share with and love all children, regardless of their race, ethnicity and culture.

The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center is especially proud of its involvement in the area of helping children with disabilities. It provides an opportunity for children with disabilities to share an active childhood experience with other children their own age. It also helps teach their classmates empathy, helpfulness, and understanding in making friends. Our staff will work with you, your child, and any community agencies or schools to ensure your child is getting the most out of his or her early childhood experience.