Infants, Toddlers, Two’s and Preschool


At The Sandbox Early Childhood Learning Center, we provide an enriched, child-oriented environment where children feel safe while being allowed to take risks, an environment that encourages their creativity and imagination, a curriculum that challenges and makes them use their minds to solve problems in social situations and cognitive areas. We provide an environment where children can explore and discover for themselves the wonders of the world around them, where they learn respect and are respected as individuals, no matter how small.

We have many activities set up for children, both indoors and outdoors. Inside we have puzzles, computers, quiet areas, music and movement areas, blocks, and books. We have two outside play areas with swings, water tables, sandboxes, bikes and wagons, porches, sand painting, tree houses with slides, tunnels, two swimming pools, a self-propelled merry-go-round, lots of space and shade. The child and the environment make up our program as we weave our way through topics of interest. Children are separated according to age groups in outdoor area.

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Infant Program

We provide a warm and welcoming environment that supports our infants’ growth and development. We use primary care, assigning staff to each infant in order to build positive and trusting relationships and to meet their individual needs.  We only take eight full-time infants from three months to 12 months and walking. As space becomes available when a baby moves up to the Toddler/Two Program, slots are filled and guaranteed often 3-8 months ahead. Our Waiting List for the Infant Program is usually used to fill unexpected slot openings. The hours for the Infant Program are from 7:00-5:30, 1/2 hour later in the morning and 1/2 hour earlier in the evening from all the other programs.

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Toddler/Two Program

We offer three toddler groups and three two year old groups. Children are placed in a group depending on a variety of criteria such as  their age/birthdate, full- or part-time sessions, days they attend, whether potty trained or not, and how long they have been in our program. Our goal is to create a kind and caring environment while respecting each families culture, background and lifestyle.  We believe that parents and staff are partners in the child’s development and close communication is so important to build those relationships and trust.  Children are learning how to share, follow simple classroom rules and get into a daily routine. This is the time when teachers begin working on their potty training.


Our Preschool Program is play based while exposing children their reading readiness and math readiness through hands on experiences.  The children spend half their morning in their classroom and also have 1/2 hr Music, 1/2 hr Art and 1 hr of Outdoor Activities / Free Play.  We believe that creative environments, while engaged in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities, stimulates a child’s mind and allows opportunities for social / emotional learning.  Encouraging children to work together will enhance their ability to move towards the challenges of the larger community.  

Pre-K and After School Programs


The Sandbox Clubhouse is divided into three activity centers. The M&M has the blocks, dramatic play, music, computers, and science. In the Discovery Room, the children work on their math and reading readiness skills, circle time, games, and puzzles. The Art Studio allows children to create and experiment.  Pre-K children go on a variety of scheduled field trips throughout the year. Our Pre-K program provides opportunities to for a child to development the skills needed for kindergarten and beyond. More than the usual day care or preschools, we focus on education. We also have a magnificent, tree-shaded outside play area, a swimming pool, and a covered rock climbing area.

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